Orbex PAMM Service

Invest with professional fund managers and have them trade for you!

The Orbex Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) service allows you to access the strategies and performance of professional traders and choose to invest your funds in one or more of their accounts. They will do the trading and you will benefit from a percentage of their returns as a PAMM Investor (PAMM.I).

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Existing Client*
*You can request to open a PAMM Investor Account under the relevant tab in your myorbex dashboard.
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Orbex PAMM Service

How PAMM Works

As its name suggests, the Percentage Allocation Management Module works by having multiple traders invest in a fund manager’s strategy. The fund manager will then trade the pool of funds with the aim of generating profits and the resulting P&L will be allocated to participating investors based on their percentage of funds.

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Choose a top-performing fund manager, let them do the trading and benefit from their results

நகல் வர்த்தகத் தடுப்பு

Choose from Leading Professionals

Browse our database of professional PAMM managers, view their performance analytics and invest in one or multiple trading strategies.

பல சலுகைகள், வரையறுக்கப்பட்ட கட்டுப்பாடுகள்

View Transparent Performance Ratings

PAMM Manager ratings are updated daily to give you an objective view of their overall performance and profitability.

தனிப்பயன் செயல்திறன் கட்டணம்

Build Potential
Passive Income

Leverage the expertise of professional PAMM managers by having them trade your funds along with their own portfolios and benefit from their resulting P&L.

தானியங்கி P&L விநியோகம்

Keep Your Funds Segregated

Invest with the confidence of knowing that your money is kept completely segregated from everyone else’s. Managers cannot access or withdraw your funds at any point.

தனியார் கணக்குகள்

Pay a Small Fee Only on Profits

Before you invest with a PAMM Manager you will be able to view their performance fee which is only charged on the total profits made. Once the fee is deducted, any remaining profits are yours to keep.

தனிப்பயன் வர்த்தக இடைவெளிகள்

No Experience Required

Whether you are a new or experienced trader, PAMM allows you to leave the trading to one or multiple professional traders whose expertise and results have been tried and tested!

Trading involves a high level of risk

How to Become a PAMM Investor

  • ஆர்பெக்ஸுக்கு பதிவு செய்க
    வர்த்தகக் கணக்கு
  • உங்கள் ஆர்பெக்ஸுக்கு நிதியளிக்கவும்
  • Applyfor a PAMM Investor
    account on yourdashboard
  • Choosethe PAMM
    Manager/s you’d
    like to invest with
  • Withdrawyour funds and any
    profits at any time

Looking to become a
PAMM Fund Manager?

Are you a professional trader looking for an opportunity to use your skills and expertise to generate a higher income? Offer your strategy for other traders to invest in, set your terms and performance fees, and raise funds from other investors based on your trading performance.

Trading involves a high level of risk